Political Endorsements

Higgins_Elfreda_Color_107x125John’s knowledge, leadership and experience will allow him to be an effective legislator for District 16.

Elfreda Higgins
Garden City Council member
Former D16 State Representative


Maryanne-Jordan-107-x125“As an educator, law student, and long time resident of District 16, John has the experience and commitment to make a positive contribution to the legislature.”

Maryanne Jordan
Boise City Council President


John Gannon, John McCrostie“One of the first Luna Law opponents I met was John McCrostie. I have a picture of people lined up to testify against this effort to replace teachers with online education and to weaken public schools. Two or three people away from me – John McCrostie. I later worked with him and others to support the referendums and the recall of Mr.Luna, and John was invaluable in framing issues. John was there in the trenches advocating and working for our schools.”

John Gannon
District 17 State Representative

Nicole LeFavour, John McCrostie“We have enough politicians in the statehouse and need people whose experience in the real world will hold other legislators accountable and make better policy for our schools and for those who have truly faced discrimination — of all kinds.

“We have suffered greatly not having a gay or transgender person in the statehouse these past two years. There’s no one that democrats or republicans have to look in the eye, no one in the room when conversations about our lives happen. I feel if John had been in the statehouse this past year, as a statesman and a lawmaker, Idaho would have added the words. We desperately need his voice speaking for teachers and for gay people.”

Nicole LeFavour
Former District 19 State Senator

David Navarro, John McCrostie“John is a very hard worker, frequently working long and late hours so that his students succeed. John is passionate about the things he believes in, particularly with issues of education and equality. And John has been very involved in our community for many years as a leader as well as one who rolls up his sleeves and gets his hands dirty. John McCrostie is the best choice for House Seat 16A.”

J. David Navarro
Former Ada County Clerk of the Court

Jana-Kemp-2011“John is the right person to represent us. He will fight for education, Idaho’s need for a growing economy, and for every Idahoan to experience equality.”

Jana Kemp
Former District 16 State Representative
Small business owner for 21 years

Donna Pence
District 26 State Representative

Bert Marley
Candidate for Lt. Governor
Former District 29 State Senator
Former Public Policy Director for Idaho Education Association

Margaret Henbest
Former District 16 State Representative

Diane Bilyeu
Former District 29 State Senator

Education Endorsements

Idaho Education Association, IDEA

Sherri Wood, John McCrostie“John McCrostie is an outstanding leader in his school, his union and his community, and he will continue his leadership in the House of Representatives. John has been a concerned, active and productive member of District 16 for over 14 years. He is honest, articulate and a very hard worker. He has the ability to speak on behalf of the people of District 16 because of his longstanding involvement. I urge you to vote for John McCrostie for House Seat 16A – he won’t let you down!”

Sherri Wood
Past President – Idaho Education Association


Dick Chilcote, John McCrostie“The people of Idaho value their public education system. Every poll shows that the electorate expects that the Idaho Legislature should properly support and fund our public schools. What candidate for the Idaho House from District 16 understands the needs of those public schools better than John McCrostie? No one. John has proven his worth in Idaho classrooms. He has dedicated his professional life to the education of Idaho’s students. He will work in the Idaho Legislature to provide the proper support and funding that the voters in District 16 expect. I ask for your support and vote for John McCrostie.”

Dick Chilcote
Past President – Idaho Education Association


Shannon Decker, John McCrostie“Beyond a doubt, John McCrostie is the most qualified person to run for the House Seat 16A in years. As a teacher, a law student, and political activist, John has done it all. I was motivated and empowered to take action when I first worked with John on the Reject the Luna Laws, Vote Yes for Boise Schools, and Recall Tom Luna campaigns. In all that he does, John exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. John will use those qualities to create a better balance in our state legislature.
“We need John. John needs you. Vote for John McCrostie this Tuesday, May 20th.”

Shannon Decker, educator

Frank Robinson
IEA Board of Directors

Ron Freeman
BEA High School Director

Pat St. Tourangeau
BEA High School Director

Becky Allen
BEA Elementary Director

Adria Samano
BEA Elementary Director

Christine Simon
BEA Elementary Director

Barb Smith
BEA Elections Secretary

Community Endorsements

Beverly McCrostie, John McCrostie“John has always been a loving and caring son who has made me proud. He decided to run for the legislature as he is not a ‘politics as usual’ person and feels some elected officials are not listening to the people.
“John wants to work for a strong and properly funded public school system, and a thriving economy based on good wages with Idaho-grown businesses. And he wants to stand up for ordinary Idahoans, for equality for men and women of all races, national origins, and sexual orientations. I hope you will go to the polls on May 20, and cast your vote for John McCrostie for House Seat 16A.”

Beverly McCrostie, John’s mom

Marilyn Shuler
Former Director Idaho Human Rights Commission

Cindy Gross
Community activist

Emily Walton
Community organizer

Troy Rohn

Organization Endorsements

Idaho Education Association, IDEA


VF Seal of Endorsement to RustyVictory Fund

Idaho-AFL-CIO-logoIdaho AFL-CIO

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