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BOISE, Idaho, Dec. 20, 2013 — John McCrostie, a 14-year resident of Garden City and an Idaho schoolteacher for 11 years, has formally announced his candidacy for the Idaho Legislature, House Seat 16 A, which will become open when Rep. Grant Burgoyne runs for the seat of retiring Sen. Les Bock.

McCrostie has served as an executive board member of the Boise Education Association, a three-year state delegate to the Idaho Education Association’s Delegate Assembly, and a two-year national representative to the National Education Association’s Representative Assembly. The NEA recently honored McCrostie as a 2013 Top Political Activist.

McCrostie said that his involvement in his local community, experience as an Idaho schoolteacher, activism on behalf of Idaho schools and students and commitment to supporting diversity in the workplace and community, are the strengths he will bring to the legislature.

“Tom Luna and many of our Republican legislators have failed to listen to our voice,” said McCrostie. “Too many of our elected leaders aspire to political gain without a heart for service. However, in District 16, our legislators actually listen to us, and they reflect our values. Like the great Democratic D16 legislators who have served us dutifully and faithfully for the last two decades, I will uphold your values. I have no desire for political gain, but I am here to serve you.

“How can I, John McCrostie, bring the people of district 16 together? The same way that I bring the flutes together with the clarinets together with the trumpets and the rest of the members of the band, and then watch them receive a superior rating. The same way I teach my jazz students to speak with their own individual voices through their saxes, trumpets, and trombones. And, the same way that I worked with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to collaboratively pass our Boise Schools levy, and to repeal the Luna Laws.”

McCrostie has taught music in Mountain Home, Gooding and Boise. He is also currently attending Concordia University School of Law, and will earn his law degree in 2015.

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